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Area Code: 607 (Page 2/2)

Location Info for Area Code 607

State/Province: New York

Cities:   note: the number in parentheses is the prefix for that city

(200) Slaterville Springs
(201) Binghamton
(202) Sidney
(205) Endicott
(207) Elmira
(208) Afton
(209) Trumansburg
(210) Watkins Glen
(213) Marathon
(214) Stamford
(216) Ithaca
(218) Cortland
(223) Owego
(224) Hammondsport
(225) Greenwood
(226) Guilford
(230) Franklin
(234) Sherburne
(236) Candor
(243) Dundee
(244) Norwich
(247) Alfred
(248) Corning
(249) Waverly
(258) Apalachin
(260) Andover
(263) Morris
(264) Cherry Valley
(265) Masonville
(267) Oneonta
(268) Prattsburgh
(270) Almond
(278) Davenport
(281) Hornell
(282) Cooperstown
(286) Milford
(290) Roscoe
(291) Freeville
(293) Hartwick
(294) Interlaken
(295) Arkport
(301) Big Flats
(307) Newfield
(320) Bainbridge
(326) Roxbury
(332) Pulteney
(356) Whitesville
(359) Addison
(363) Downsville
(366) Lansing
(369) Unadilla
(397) Worcester
(403) Ovid
(414) Nichols
(417) Hawleyton
(445) Gilbertsville
(458) Woodhull
(464) Delhi
(467) Deposit
(474) Lodi
(486) Cincinnatus
(488) New Berlin
(510) Walton
(523) Lindley
(525) Troupsburg
(527) Campbell
(529) Chemung
(538) Hobart
(545) Canaseraga
(546) Burdett
(548) S New Berlin
(558) Jasper
(566) Avoca
(583) Savona
(588) Grand Gorge
(589) Spencer
(594) Odessa
(598) Lockwood
(622) Bath
(627) Smyrna
(634) Whitney Point
(637) Hancock
(638) Schenevus
(642) Newark Valley
(647) Mc Donough
(655) Windsor
(656) Greene
(657) Berkshire
(693) Harpursville
(695) Cameron
(698) Canisteo
(708) Dryden
(713) Oxford
(764) Mount Upton
(836) Mc Graw
(842) Truxton
(862) Maine
(897) Groton
(965) West Burlington
(988) Otego


I live in Calgary and have received this call 3 times. A long pause after I pick it up. Heavy
breathing, and then they hang up! Weird.

This is a scam. This person is running several scams from debt collecting to fixing computer problems. Don't let them on your computer and don't give them any financial information or personal information. If they get access to your computer they will disable the computer OS and then tell you so and ask for a high cost to install their product and fix the problem.
They will gladly give you a name, a legit company (that they are not with) and badge number to gain your confidence. The company names exist and other info might exist but has nothing to do with who they are.
You can believe if they get any financial information they will rob you blind. Unfortunately the older people who will be taken do not have internet access and will find out the hard way. Those elderly people will probably be your grandmother or grandfather that is on a limited income and cannot afford this.

Idea: Support a group of experts to go after these thieves. This would have to be a community supported effort but would eliminate this type of predator. If nothing is done then it will just get worse. Be assured your phone call (scam) will arrive shortly and hopefully you have enough knowledge to prevent from losing money to these people...

Got this call on 05-22-13. Caller ID: York New. I did NOT answer the phone. These nutwipes call about every day, using different numbers. The other day one called (again, I did NOT answer) and the Caller ID: 000-000-0000. I mean, seriously. Why do I feel that if the world were nuked, these idjits would still be calling/scamming?

Called @ 4:50am

Harassing me and telling me that the marshalls will come to.my house tomorrow with a legal matter...
Amanda Huggenkiss:

Fax machine.

I received a call from a male indivual from Career Institute in Logan Utah.
He was offering placement in many well Universities, as well as on line college courses via the internet.


That same person called me tring to use his threaten tactics on me.I never got a payday loan or anything else.I told the non english speaking person i will sue you if you keep calling me and i will send the feds after your a**..So leave me alone!!!

Please send your complaints about fraudulent conduct regarding International Credit Recovery Inc. and Progressive Business Publications to the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, E consumer .gov, the Better Business Bureau, and/or your local General Attorney's office.

I let it go to voicemail each time because it is a foreign number and we are a local business. They wait until VM connects, then don't say anything. Maybe it is a bot probe.

I don't answer calls I don't give my number too. I have no debts or anything. All numbers called to my phone should be on my phone. They didn't leave a msg so right there tells me it is a scam, telemarketer or someone wanting something who doesn't know me. i don't give out my number to anyone to call me. Any sites I sign up I make sure they don't give out my info in less legally obligated to by court order. So they would have had to get my info by someone not telling the truth about selling personal info. I tried calling back and automated system says the number is not working or is no longer in service. Meaning it is a call out number only also a give away for a telemarketer or a someone wanting something who doesn't know me.

Number called - no message