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This Number is a land line number calling from Ottawa

Who Called Me From 613-288-9226?


This number is a scam. Automated call, told me I was being sued by the CRA
Told me to call them back. If not, I will be held accountable and possibly arrested

Sorry. Might I add, they called my company phone number. Didn't mention my name or any names. Got the exact same call 2 days on another company line. The # they gave for that one was 844-275-5715
11 months ago


Automated call stating that the CRA was launching a criminal investigation against me for Tax Fraud -- Scam


Automated call stating that it was CRA bringing criminal charges against me for tax fraud


This number is a scam. Automated call, told me I was being sued by the CRA . the CRA will NEVER call you. Thet will always write
Anonymous 2:
Scam! Automated call stating CRA
1 week ago
Received 2 calls today and called back the original number and recorded my phone call. The gentleman asked for my name which I didn't provide and to told him to tell me who he was looking for by searching the phone number he called. He ended up hanging up. Clearly not CRA.
4 days ago


Got a vm from this # stating tax deficiency


I received a message saying that they had criminel information about my taxes. SCAM


Received a call, said I've committed tax fraud. H
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