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This Number is a land line number calling from Ottawa

Who Called Me From 613-288-9226?


This number is a scam. Automated call, told me I was being sued by the CRA
Told me to call them back. If not, I will be held accountable and possibly arrested

Sorry. Might I add, they called my company phone number. Didn't mention my name or any names. Got the exact same call 2 days on another company line. The # they gave for that one was 844-275-5715
1 year ago


Automated call stating that the CRA was launching a criminal investigation against me for Tax Fraud -- Scam


Automated call stating that it was CRA bringing criminal charges against me for tax fraud


This number is a scam. Automated call, told me I was being sued by the CRA . the CRA will NEVER call you. Thet will always write
Anonymous 2:
Scam! Automated call stating CRA
10 months ago
Received 2 calls today and called back the original number and recorded my phone call. The gentleman asked for my name which I didn't provide and to told him to tell me who he was looking for by searching the phone number he called. He ended up hanging up. Clearly not CRA.
10 months ago


Got a vm from this # stating tax deficiency


I received a message saying that they had criminel information about my taxes. SCAM


Received a call, said I've committed tax fraud. H


Received call about criminal charges for tax fraud For sure this is a scam. The CRA does not call as far as I know.


Said I was being charged with tax fraud


texted a number for information about small business accounting - 2 hours later I started receiving calls from 1-800-959-5525 stating criminal charges are being held against me from CRA and I need to call 613-288-9226 immediately. Obviously fraudulent. It makes me wonder if the person who I contacted is involved in this scam.


they have been calling me as well, definitely a scam
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