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Who Called Me From 613-927-1694?

Liane Mills

I received a call telling me that there were criminal charges lodged against me for tax evasion and to call 613-927-1694 immediately ..... I hung up and got the telephone number from my caller identifier......obviously a scam as I don’t owe anybody any money!


Ditto, same exact recorded message. Scam, Scam!!!!


Nov 27, 2017 happened to me today. I, like others in this forum, am a taxpaying, law abiding citizen. Advice to others --just hang up!!!!!


Same thing happened to me today, 27th of November 2017.
Like others we pay our taxes and are law abiding citizens.
Total scam!!!


Same thing happened to me today , they said I tax deficiency about me and called Revenue Canada and told me "WE HAVE NO RECORD OF US CALLING YOU !" Because you not have problem according to our file !!! The no.is a SCAM !!!PLEASE BE AWARE AND CAREFUL !!!


Got the same meaaage today!! These idiots have to be stopped!!!


I received a call from this number again today. I received one a week or so ago. Since when does Revenue Canada call with a recorded message?!! SCAM!!!


I got a similar call this morning! Number from Athens, Ontario! Called back, he started scaring me saying that I had a warrant out against me and RCMP is coming after me for tax evasion!
They sounded like a call center with a bunch of desis( Pakistanis, Indians) I realized immediately from his tone that CRA would never be this disrespectful and that this was a scam!
I, being a desi myself, abused his mum, dad and ancestors to which the sob responded with a curse in my language! That confirmed my suspicion and I just hung up!
Just hang up! Albeit I went the extra yard !

CRA need to roast their behinds !!

Good job, man!
1 year ago
I got called a whore when I told him I knew he was a scammer, but they continue to call and leave messages...so annoying.
1 year ago


Received voice mail today regarding this number and tax error. Thank you everyone, I did not return the call. I am a bookkeeper so I had a mild panic attack! MJ


pourquoi? que veulent ils?


These people call my home number on a daily basis during the week. I constantly see messages on my phone. Isn't there anyway to get these calls to stop??


Scam. They called today Feb 12, 2018 and left a message saying that they are the CRA and that I owe money. Told me that I must call them back immediately or face legal consequences.
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