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This Number is a land line number calling from Groveport, Ohio

Who Called Me From 614-835-6438?

teresa bogener

This person repeatedly has texted me and says hello and then uses my name. I gave that phone away and he is still doing it.

M. Yeager

this person is contacting me as well. I met this person on zoosk.com and he tried to get me to send him money or the old nigerian money scam. I am going to the police.

C. Campbell

I was given this phone number by a man on Match.com who says his name is Jonathan Price. Fortunately, I have not called him. Has this man contacted anyone else, and if so, can you tell me if he's legit? Sure doesn't sound like it.


Yeah hi is a crook,hi find me on speeddate and his first question was...where Im working and also hi asked me about the photo but only by email,not text,what ever hi said was not working together and I go to the webside check what kind of number is and who is hi.Dont send to him any thing by computer.
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