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This Number is a wireless number calling from Holland, Michigan

Who Called Me From 616-594-7183?


Received collection scam call from this number on 07.18.2014. The call was for an unpronounceable name that sounded like Perry Zheist. The message gave a callback number that was different from the origin stating that I was required to give a statement and left a reference number. Searching the number I was supposed to call online showed it to be a known collections scam number.

Perry Zheist (name was somewhat illegible in message)

Must call (855) 326-7851 mandated to obtain a statement reference number cv162693

Number identified by others online as scam debt collector.

Call originated from (616) 594-7183

dara kaylor

same exact thing happened to one of my friends, I answered it. it was all mumbled. couldn't understand barely any thing. something about they have tried to reach her before.... and their close the case of they don't hear back.... it was totally weird, man. don't answer that number. or any number you don't know....


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