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This Number is a land line number calling from Cambridge, Massachusetts

Who Called Me From 617-245-9694?


Calls, leaves no message. I work nights and sleep days. I have no idea who this is.
I just got a call from this number a few hours ago. Same thing, no message. Thought it was weird because I was getting a call from an unknown number on a Sunday.
5 years ago
They have been calling me for days
4 years ago


Massachusetts health care survey.


Several calls from that number for a few days. Finally picked up today and the woman leaped right into the "health care survey for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts" and then said, "Why don't we get started?" and then rattled off some age groups, one of which I was meant to pick as mine. I told her I had to turn down music and that I had barely heard the groupings and who was conducting the survey again? She said, "It's for the Commonweatlh of Massachusetts to see how we can get healthcare costs down in your area" and launched into another section of her pitch which was the dispiriting fact that it would take 20 minutes depending how I answered the questions for my household. Again, I said, "Who is conducting this, the Mass Department of Public Health" (she grunted somewhat affirmatively) and then I added that I didn't have that much time. By now she was sounding really on edge about my wanting to know who was conducting the survey, so she bailed by saying she'd try again another time, as if the limitation was my time and not the fact that she wouldn't say exactly who she was conducting the survey for. I never even got around to pointing out that she hadn't done any sort of informed consent process.


I have also been getting calls from this number every day for the past 4 days. I didn't pick it up since I do not know the number. Rotten 1 and Spike, thank you for sharing the information.


I got this call on 7/3....did not know number so did not pick up....It came
thru on my cell..after reading the above statements Im glad I did not...


Another site says it is a landline pay phone. They call every day or every few days no message, all different hours.
(617) 245-9694
Zip Code: 18801

sleepy dawg

they called me tonight at 8:32, last night at 6:17 PM, saturday afternoon July 12, and July 5th. I hope they give up soon...

naked one

Since July 7 ive had 13 calls no message left when i call the number it goes to reoder 120 ipm why doesnt someone put this number out of service what gutless a....... in this world.


I have had same issue with no message. Only other way is to try FOR DO NOT CALL phone number


Got a call from it, said it was representative from the commenwealth of massachusetts, asked for age and healthcare questions


Called a cell phone number I rarely give out while I was asleep in Portugal. Left no message. I'm trying to figure out how they got the number. Super annoying. Is there any way to fight this?


I just answered the phone...a women was speaking on the other side, talking about a health insurance survey. I answered the survey except the personal information part. The whole survey lasts for about 15-20 mins. When I tried to verify who is conducting this survey, she said it was the MASSHEALTH or something and then gave me a number 18008412900. Anyway, since she didn't ask for personal information, I have no bad feeling about this call.

M from mass

So glad to see these posts. They really helped. Got a call on my cell last night. I never give my cell out and didn't answer the call. I blocked it for the future. That takes care of that!
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