Who is calling or texting from 626-387-0063?
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This Number is a land line number calling from Glendora, California

Who Called Me From 626-387-0063?


Please note that this person is a fake and using woman for money and telling lies. Please don't fall for it he goes by the name of hector Henderson.


Yes, ladies please do your homework. I didn't think to do my homework first. But he sent this long email about his late father left him millions of dollars in oil. I was suspicious about a lot of things he said and the extremely long emails all the time. He didn't ask for money right away. I met him on the dating website and he wouldn't talk on the website. He is using the name Ray Peterson now. He deleted his profile once I told him I knew he was a scam artist.
He plays on ladies emotions and using God . So ladies be aware and don't send him any money!,,

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