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This Number is a land line number calling from Naperville, Illinois

Who Called Me From 630-689-1759?


Caller id shows telenet assoication.
A guy asked for one time donation to help
Someone..., when I responded to the caller not this time, he just hung up.


HAngs up when answered!


Scam? Caller (James) said he was from "TAI" but calling on behalf of the "police interdepartment athletic league" or something. I tried to be polite, informing him we don't make donations over the phone. He was incredibly rude, talking over me and interrupting me the entire time. While attempting to inform him or number was on the do not call list, he continued to interrupt me and talk over me. I intend to report the experience to the FCC. I suspect this is a scam. No respectable police organization would behave like that.


Rcvd the same rude caller...will report them to FCC
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