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This Number is a wireless number calling from Aurora, Illinois

Who Called Me From 630-701-6591?


Got a call from "Michael from Transworld" and asked for my name mispronounced. Michael needed to verify the last 4 digits of my Social Security # for a private business matter. They gave me four numbers and asked if that was correct. I ignored the numbers and kept asking for more information. They were insistent and I gave them a different name. They then wanted to end the call and wished me a good day.

I didn't hang up and kept listening: Michael said "not ready to give up on that one yet" while the line was still open. I was silent and kept listening, Michael said "Hello" a couple of times. I still waited and he hung up after 45 seconds of silence. The entire exchange was very suspicious.


I received a call from this number. They stated we had a late medical bill from January 2016. When I asked what bill it was for they wouldn't tell me the medical provider. I said I would check into the bill by reviewing my past medical claims and contact them back. They asked for a credit card or checking account number they could put on file until I called back. The red flag was then raised. I will never provide this type of information to a strange caller. This is scam.
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