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This Number is a land line number calling from Huntington, New York

Who Called Me From 631-683-5131?


I got a weird call with only the last two digits of the number being different. It came in from a blocked number. She left a voicemail saying something like, "I'm Arlene from The Bridal Registry calling about your Bridal Package and a Trip you've been selected to win. She also says she has my gifts and she can only hold them for a limited time so call her back at 631-683-5131 as soon as I get this message." The only thing I can think of is that the jerks at David's Bridal where I bought my dress must have sold my information to these scammers. What a pity, after they got $600 out of me!
It has to be David's Bridal because I got the same thing and only applied through their registry. I am going to their thing tomorrow to 'pick up what I won'. I am taking my fiance with me in case it is some kind of scam. But it seems pretty legit, I just know they are going to try to sell me on their housewares, cookware etc. She told me that there was no obligation to buy but I will still receive my voucher for free wedding bands and a sweet vacation package just for attending. Fingers crossed!
5 years ago
I just got the same voicemail today. Did it end up being a scam?
5 years ago


So is this scam?


that brittney lady is commenting the same thing on everything. deff a scam im calling them tomorrow. maybe a lawsuit for selling my information.. ??


definitely a scam they wont u to buy and they will pressure u at some preview thing like i just went tonight and it was horrible og never again. they will be hearing from my lawyers

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