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This Number is a land line number calling from Hampton Bays, New York

Who Called Me From 631-856-5605?

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Said she was calling from something like Holeman Visor (or maybe "home adviser"), wondering if I still worked for "Empowered" (which I never have) and said they are looking at doing a kitchen remodel from some homeowners in [my hometown], and wondered if I would be interested in doing it. I don't do kitchen remodeling, but she used my hometown [as displayed on facebook] and said her name was [the name of my daughter, as recently shared on facebook]. Kinda creepy, and not sure what they're trying to get at. A Google search brought up Virginia Velez from Ocean Avenue in Cutchogue, NY: http://hodges-directory.us/directory.php?q=7ma1-631-856-6116-Cutchogue-New-York-Foster-Ave.


I live in IL and do tree work.. She called from a local area code (847) , but left the 631-856-5605 number on the voicemail and said she was interested in tree services in Kane County.. Her message was so quick and smooth, so it did not sound like an Actual Potential client needing tree work.
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