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Area Code: 646

Location Info for Area Code 646

State/Province: New York

Cities:   note: the number in parentheses is the prefix for that city

(200) New York
(228) Bronx
(232) Manhattan
(388) New York City
(527) Brooklyn


I have received over 20 calls from this # and even on this Thanksgiving day! I have reported it twice to "DONOTCALL.GOV Twice. Area code '646' is in New York and the same as area code 212.

Looking to buy bicycle and claims he is on a ship as an oceanographer. Says he works for NatGeo. Will send ""cashiers check" if you send the bike. Bogus.

I got the same call, and I don't even live in New York or have been in New York.

Claiming IRS tax fraud

phone number

Kelly Keith:

The caller, in a thick foreign accent, claimed to represent United States Collections, calling from 646-918-5448. had my social security number and old bank information. Told me I owe $5,100.36, and tomorrow at 11:00 AM their attorney was filing fraud charges and mail fraud charges in court against me. I told him I had an attorney, which I do, and I tried to give the guy the number, but the guy kept jabbering. THIS IS A SCAM!!!! Report him either to your state authority or the US Attorneys office. I believe its actually a phone bank system from India, scamming people who have had financial problems. I've seen warning against these people on TV and on the Internet. Try to get as much info as possible - DO NOT GIVE THEM A DIME - and report them. I suggest trying the FBI also, as they are scamming internationally. I believe this comes under wire fraud statutes. Good luck!!

They told me the IRS is suing me and that I have a warrant out for my arrest... Of course you cant even reach someone on the original number of 213-141-5163 i recall ignoring the number several times before...They wanted $3200 or else. Of course I know someone who works for the IRS and told me i was fine. Hope those bastards get caught and go to jail. I didnt fall for it, but i imagine someone has.

Said they were from the IRS and this was my last chance before they sue me!!!

Phishing scam!!! IRS will send you information in the mail. They do not call you!

Rude rude arrogant lying threatening telling me the IRS is suing me. Police
will be at my door in 10 minutes

keep getting calls
Brian M:

Some guy named Dave Reed called about some investment. Told him I was busy, he kept talking, I hung up. He called back to tell me that I was rude for hanging up on him and became very belligerent. I hung up again - what a colossal jerk.

I just got the same call, they are making the rounds judging by the number of searches for this number in the last hour.

Recorded voice claims to be US Treasury Agent David Gray calling to advise of an enforcement action against the person answering unless they call 646-593-7695 to negotiate a settlement. This scam has been reported to the FBI.

left message on machine said with IRS and i need to call before he sues me------i won't call.

looking for a number

Just want to know who this is calling me.

Txted about a CL ad in WA state. He is in NY.

Calls and asks to speak with owner and says that the owner had called him and hangs up quickly once stated that the owner is away from his desk (heavy noise in the background) sounds like a telemarketer

Here we go again! getting so tired of trying to do good, trying to legitimately sell my vehicle and some JERK just wants my email address to SPAM out to the world! so disgusted with these people! I so want to find them and string them up with the computer cords they're using to rip off others!!


I just had the same experience. anyone know who this is?


This number called my cell phone but did not leave a message.


Sent me a text about using my business service, but wanted me to email them back. LOL Why other than to spam my email. They already had my phone number! When I explained that this was not my first rodeo and they were not getting email address. They sent several nasty text messages in a row.

Scam what's to friends then money Jimmy Steve or Jimmy Kelly in army captain in kubal

I just received the same call and it is a scam to get you to send money. They tell you will arrested for wire fraud and something else but if you pay some amount of money they will drop the charges. Do not send anything to these people. Real Police and attorneys do not call they either show up or have you served papers for a court case.

Is this number for SIS International Research?

Craigslist Scam artist. Sent me a bad cashiers check that luckily i had the sense to wait and see that the funds were good. Of course the check was returned. Stay away from this guy.

Scammer, claims he is to purchase your listed item then sends fake paypal payment.

16465834249 Add - New York City, NY
11/1/15 4:05 PM now Inbox

16465834249: Do you still have this item available? 1997 Yamaha VMAX Customized with wet
nitrous kit 97 VMX1200 - $3500 (Niagara Falls) 12:17 PM
Me: yes I do, and it may be looked at by appointment 2:21 PM
16465834249: Wanna know the condition,are you the first or second owner? 2:23 PM
Me: yes I do, and it may be looked at by appointment 2:24 PM
16465834249: Indeed..sounds good,am satisfied with the condition and the price .i just wanna
be sure of what i would be buying whats your reason for selling it ? 2:25 PM
Me: the condition is very good, I know at least 2 owners before me,I have the VIN report. It started
in Oklahoma, then Arkansas, then Vest Virginia now in NY 2:25 PM
Me: I bought a XXXXXXX and want to transfer my plate,insurance and registration to my
new bike 2:27 PM
16465834249: Okay i'll take it. I'll have to pay you through PayPal because am currently at the
Hanscom Air Force Base at Bedford, Massachusetts. I have a Mover that will come for pickup
once payment is cleared in your PayPal account 2:29 PM
Me: paypal charges fees, so it will be 3% more. It may not be picked up before funds are received
from paypal and that will be at least 5 business days. You may pay but it stay here garaged and
not ridden until funds are cleared, if you want it give me your name and email and I send you a
paypal invoice 2:34 PM
16465834249: PayPal is not 5days working its instant payent and here is my email
robindavid583@gmail.com and let me know once you send the invoice. 2:43 PM
Me: Your payment into my paypal account is instant, receiving what you put in my paypal account
into my checking account and cash it takes up to 5 business days. There would NOT be an
immediate pick up bike will stay here until I inform you that funds are received and pick up is OK,
let me know first that this is acceptable to you and invoice will follow in a few minutes. 2:48 PM
16465834249: Is okay by me. 2:50 PM
Me: I am filling the invoice now, it may look more complete with your first and last name 2:56 PM
16465834249: first name is Robin and last name is David 2:57 PM
Me: paypal just sent you your invoice, should be in your email now 3:02 PM
16465834249: Okay will check. 3:05 PM
16465834249: Got it i will proceed with the payment and get back to you when am done with the
payment 3:09 PM

calls me 5, 10, 20 times a day. The id shows Brown B. No message left on machine. If I answer, there is nobody there.

who is calling

I just got a message as well and when I call back it clicks and hangs up. What is this????

SaMe message I called he is telling me I'm going to jail he has miss information about me any one know who this is