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Who Called Me From 646-001-7890?


got a call today from this number, thought the number looked strange starting with 001 for the exchange so did not answer it


Got a call from this number spoke very bad English said he was Microsoft and wanted to fix my computer which had been compromised security. I hardly ever use my computer so I hung up on him. I fear this may have been a scam to get access to my personal information.


Got a call from this No. Did not answer. Look like a funny No.


Person who called was a female who was rude, insulting, and whatever she was after she was very hard to understand as she had language barriers. I have seen this number before and it keeps showing up on my list of call ins. The last time I saw this number was over a security issue I had with my computer. Which was complete bull. Just hang up - that is all you can do. Whoever they are as there are a few in this group, they are foreign and radical.


I have received over 20 calls from this # and even on this Thanksgiving day! I have reported it twice to "DONOTCALL.GOV Twice. Area code '646' is in New York and the same as area code 212.


Got a call today from this number. No one was there.


keeps calling today I told them I was recording the conversation and going to report them. The man who I couldn't understand said there was nothing I could do.
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