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This Number is calling from New York, New York

Who Called Me From 646-397-6397?


This is a scammer who orders large amounts of food for take out for parties and does not show up to claim food or pays with fake credit cards

S. Knipe

Received by fax this time using the 646-397-6397 for "test calls only" and a fax number of 866-441-8063. Same scam ordering food.


Received a fax asking for us to meet with a shipping company at an airport so we can tow and store 3 vehicles for 7 days asking which credit cards we accept. Also says "Test message is the best option to contact me" Definitely a scam.


Recieved a fax requesting towing and storage of 3 vehicles to be delivered to an airport nearby, claiming Michelle Party Planner, Michelle Williams.
Phone: 646-397-6397 (TEST MSG IS THE BEST OPTION TO CONTACT) This number is a NY number, and the party planner is out of Memphis,TN


I'm in California, and this scammer is just annoying, so, thought I'd add to the details for anyone who has doubts. "Michelle" faxed an order, claiming she is the owner and manager at Michelle Party Planner. Have received this scam before, and it is easily identifiable because the person can't spell, and calls his/her mother, mum. Asking for things that are not really on our menu, and says a "shipper" will come pick up the items the day of the "event", total scam. Requests that business be done only through email and/or test message. Anyone with doubts, don't do it.


Received a fax regarding getting transmission rebuilt for 2009 Toyota Camry for Michell Party Planner, asking for our name, personal cell #, address (to ship car to us)and credit cards we accept.


I also received a fax asking for the price on a chicken caesar salad for 220 for a pary on January 19 for her "mum".
She asked for the total cost and charges per person.
Pick up was at 3:00 by a private carrier.
Asked for my name, direct cell phone number, and type of credit cards accepted.
Asked me to email or text info.
Came from Michelle Williams, Owner & Manager, Michelle Party Planner
email: michellefamily01@gmail.com phone 646 3097 6397
Test (sic) msg is the best option to contact


Faxed this time from Teresa Barry. Party for "MUM" 3:00 pick up by carrier, 250 ceasar salads with steak (we are a steakhouse). Want total charge and only respond via email or text.
Teresa party planner

Banquet Hall

They are now using a different name Teresa Barry. Faxed a letter to my banquet hall. Party for "MUM" pick up by carrier, 250 ceasar salads with chicken. Want total charge and only respond via email or text.
Teresa party planner
TERESAFAMILY@AOL.com Wanted me to run the credit card and add an additional tip for my "troubles". I actually had a long texting conversation with this number before I realized it was a scam. "She" said she had just recovered from lung cancer and could not have phone call interaction. BEWARE. The credit card number works but they will then have access to your information after the first transaction.


Received call from 1-646-589-0699 claim to have 5 warrents for me. If I don't respond and send money I will be arrested.
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