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This Number is a wireless number calling from Bronx, New York

Who Called Me From 646-401-0132?


These people say they are from an attorneys office and you owe on a cash loan that you did not pay. You have a court date the next day and they give you a time even. The police in your area will arrest you within the next few hours either at work or at home. They will have the warrant for your arrest and all documentation you need for court the next day. You will not come home until after your court hearing.

I have had several calls from this number - 646-401-0132 and from 646-401-0131. They use scare tactics. They have information about you - way to much information. Even the bank information where the money was supposedly sent.

They just called me too, and threatened me. and then when i asked for the email address or the attorneys name they hung up on me. not to mention they all sound like they are in india, but the first one who called me said his name was Ryan Smith. THIS IS A SCAM!
4 years ago

kim woosley

they sat they are a lawyer and that you are going to go to jail over a loan online. when i called the man who said he was scott miller back he swore at me and said i have your bank info and im going to teach you a lesson.


bcareful with any calls from this# do not share any personal information with them, they claim to be an attorney office with the names of Robert Jackson


I got several calls from these idiots (Samuel Bryant

wannetta bradford

they also keep calling me they got some of my presonal information,they need to be reported with threatening people,and harrassing.


Received a vm at my office phone saying there has been some legal action taken against me and if I do not call back all they can do is wish me good luck as the situation unfolds in front of me. Tried to call back and got their vm
Finally able to get through and just like above commenters said they are bringing charges against me for an unpaid online loan. Said it was Merchant Grace (or Greece hard to tell with the accent) Law Office
4 years ago


Lol me too.. when u sign up for a card or something they do that. f**k them!!


Just got the same call that you all got about 3 hours ago and realized it was a scam. They threatened to lock me up as well as my brother. I called the local sheriff as well as the New York police department were the number seemed to come from and they also said it was a scam. When the so called lawyer left a message for me earlier today he said his name was Scott Miller. Before our phone call ended he said his name was Steve Smith. The police department told me that even if you owed money that you can not be arrested. Its more of a civil case not involving being arrested. I just signed up for Life Lock because I've had it with the whole payday loan foolishness.
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