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This Number is a wireless number calling from Bronx, New York

Who Called Me From 646-463-3405?


Received call early this morning, called back and no one answered.


They call, and said that they are calling from teh 911 system, regarding a call made from my telelephone, and an ongoing investigation byy the police, but I hung up, and they never call back.


that my brother has been hurt in an accident. They asked me for my brothers name to confirm. I made up a name and told him 'Doug.' He said yes, that's him, and don't worry, he's ok. I then told him I don't have a brother Doug, so I know he's a scammer. He proceeded to call me a few curse words and then hung up.
Received a call from this number today saying my brother was in a car accident. I told him I didn't have a brother and when I wouldn't give him other info he wanted, he cursed me out so I hung up.
4 years ago


Anonymous 7/8/2014
This person phoned saying my brother was injured and asking for personal information. When I wouldn't cooperate he cursed me out. This person should be investigated by the police. After searching (646) 463-3405 I found numerous other people with the same complaint. Beware of this scam. I am contacting the police. "Alex" has called one too many for his scam. Shame on him.


My husband got a phone call from this number today and the guy told him that his brother was injured in a car accident and for confirmation he asked for his name. When my husband refused to cooperate he started cursing.

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