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Who Called Me From 646-518-9230?

scam artists die

claimed to be calling about a medical claim and wanted to know if i was still having issues. had a partial name and address for me. told man he was a scam artist.

scan artist

called me on a Saturday morning before 9 am. He knew my first name, He said he was calling from the orthopedic office. Wanted to know if I still had pain in my leg, knee or shoulder. I asked him for his phone number he gave me 646-253-3707. I asked for his name he said Jason. I asked who he represented he quickly gave me information that I could not understand but he said he was in Brooklyn, NY. then quickly hung up. He had an accent. He sounded like the same people that keep calling for computer help. 3/17/18

scam artist

Received a call about a back brace. He was a foreigner and said his name was Alex Morgan from Orthopedic Medical 646-518-9230. The number that showed on the caller id was 631-419-5791. He wasn't very happy with me because he didn't get much info.
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