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This Number is calling from New York, New York

Who Called Me From 646-568-6445?


Got a call from 646-568-6445 to my cell phone. Extremely hard to understand due to very poor English. Sounded like she was reading a language off of a piece of paper that she didn't understand.
Claimed to be with a Department of Legal Affairs for legal action against me. If there is a Legal Affairs department, they should hire someone capable of being more convincing.

Any legal department would mail a letter.


I received a call from 646-568-6445. This mornonic foreigner called herself "Lisa Jones" and said that she was from the US Treasury Dept. She wanted my attorney's contact information because there was some impeding legal judgment against me. What a scam this is....BEWARE of these imbeciles!!!!

Segundo Ramirez

(646) 568-6445 don t answer these people are scam
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