Shells said:

This is a message I received. Hey it's wickedboy91900991, how are you? I just sent you a message. Can you install TextMe to read it, please? Def a scam!!!


Exterminator said:

Definitely NOT a message with good intentions. Came to me as a message from a trusted family member about to depart on a trip to the Philippines. Asked me to install "TextMe" for free calling and texting. Included this link: It takes you to a very nice page that was professionally crafted to appear legit and harmless. It prompts you to register by opening your Google acct (user name and password) and pushing the evil button:... "INSTALL". Then it becomes a race to freeze the process, kill the bug and undo the damage. Good Luck!!


tyson said:

Got one too,And it had my friends name on it, just like I have him logged in my phone. How do you find out who is doing this?

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