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This Number is calling from New York, New York

Who Called Me From 646-755-9488?

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A Debt collector that called my job and ignored my saying repeatedly that I could not speak at work. Very rude just kept saying I have to say why I am calling. I am at work do not call a work phone number how hard is that to understand and no the person that "SOLD" YOU my account did not just have that number - you called because I will not answer you on my regular phone - news flash I do not have the money to pay you when I do I will make a payment stop being God damn f**kin ass leaches to people that are struggling - reason why I may work customer service, and I am damn ass f**kin good at it but will never ever work debt collecting could never do this to people ever.

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Put an item on Craigslist this number contact me 646-513-6519 wanted to pay me thru pay pal, gave them my link than they said they couldn't find it wanted me to send them an invoice I said no if they wanted to put money in my pay pal account it would sit for 48 hours and I would call pay pal to ensure it was not Fraud haven't heard from then since she did give me an email to send the invoice to dinaalincoln0@gmail.com
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