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Area Code: 646 (Page 45/46)

Location Info for Area Code 646

State/Province: New York

Cities:   note: the number in parentheses is the prefix for that city

(200) New York
(228) Bronx
(232) Manhattan
(388) New York City
(527) Brooklyn

Emmanuel Moore:

l really won't too known we're this number is call me from

This is a scam, I was selling my phone on Kijijji in Toronto and got a text message from this idiot offering more than what I was asking....
The next move is trying to have you pay for shipping or some BS....


Caller stated: Uh Marsha, we were just speaking. I replied: who? Call;er stated: Uh Marsha I then replied: you have a wrong number.
antonio jones:

Person posed her name as Ms.Harris. She stated I had a litigation pending. She stated to call her back and she wasn't going to record any long messages. Little did she know, I am in Mississippi and I don't know a soul in New York. Scams are in all types of forms. Beware! Nonetheless, I am a Federal Investigator, she has pick the wrong one this time.

Identified himself as "Owen". He is trying to employ the PayPal "make it right" used auto scam.

Got this number inquiring about a laptop in Memphis, TN. I instantly noticed that the number was out of state so I answered with, "I see your number is not in Memphis so if you are a spammer stop now. I have no Paypal and will not mail the laptop. Cash only upon meeting in the Memphis area."
Of course, it got quiet. Then I looked up the number and awesomely found another page where 3 other people made the same complaint so I continued, "Yep, a quick Google search tells me you like to trick people into thinking you are a "marine biologist" who is "trying to send a gift to your dad". Paypal has confirmed that your email is a FRAUD. Nice try, a*hole, but I'm not as stupid as you think. Next time someone lists a Craigslist item that SPECIFICALLY states, "My area code is not listed due to RAMPANT SCAMMING" then you might NOT wanna bother with that person, you f*ing moron!!"
I know you're just supposed to ignore them after you bust them but I just can't help myself. My ad STATED I am wise to scammers but they STILL took the time to f* with me?! AUGH!!

Thanks to everyone for posting this information and making my CL sales MUCH easier!! :)

Texted me attempting a craigslist scam to purchase a expensive item from me with a fake check. Very classic.

he is replying to adds on craigs list and kijiji and offering to pay more than asking price for things to scam people. he will then ask you to pay some of the money back ..he will likely send a counterfiet cheque to you and then ask for money back and after you cash the check for more than what the item is worth he will ask you for some of the money back then the bank askes you for the moeny that you got from cashing the cheque-- very common scam .....another loser scammer on the net

I received a call from this number earlier today. It was a man and he claimed to know me and that I gave him my number on line. I know that is a complete lie...since I do not chat on line with men and I am engaged and I do not know anyone from New York. Funny he did not address me by my name lol you would think if you knew me than you would say this is so and so and address me by my name. My phone number was just changed two months ago and it is unlisted and only 4 people have it..well now 5..if he calls again I am going to the police.

Got texts from this number in response to NY Craigslist Ad. Started texting about certified checks and shipping company agents. Total scam.

I received a text from 646-580-4731. This is a guy that offered to buy and item that I was selling on Craigslist for $300. He sent me a cashiers check for $2500 and wants me to keep the $300 for the item and an extra $100 for my trouble, then wire him the remaining $2100. I told him I cashed the check and he has been bugging me through email to wire him the money. Now he got my cell phone number and has texted me to wire him the money. I have been playing him along for several weeks now. I guess I should stop it and just tell him to go to hell. I hope nobody falls for this piece of sh*t's scam. He uses very broken english.

Received a message from this number. Played music for 4 minutes.

there is a foreign decent calling my cell i know that it's a scam they call once in a while and when they do they try to stay consistent with there calling and when you ignore them they stop i don't deal with them they are thieves.

Received calls at 12am, 5am, 10am today from this number, never anyone on the other end of the line and the call disconnects after 15 seconds. I'm short on sleep and PISSED OFF.
Eric Erlendson:

J Hegde:

keeps calling. when I gave return call, no answer. z

trying to sell something on craigs list and this number is trying to get me to sell them my item and ship it to africa. and they are trying to rush me,

I also received a fax asking for the price on a chicken caesar salad for 220 for a pary on January 19 for her "mum".
She asked for the total cost and charges per person.
Pick up was at 3:00 by a private carrier.
Asked for my name, direct cell phone number, and type of credit cards accepted.
Asked me to email or text info.
Came from Michelle Williams, Owner & Manager, Michelle Party Planner
email: michellefamily01@gmail.com phone 646 3097 6397
Test (sic) msg is the best option to contact

This is a scammer!!!!!

He also used these emails: konikonilove@gmail.com, cesemorgan@yahoo.com

& this name and address

Lorraine Braggs
2766 North 17th Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53206



Provides many aliases using fake e-mail and mailing addresses. Known to offer higher amounts for items listed on Craigslist and will transfer money via PayPal. Once PayPal fails - will suggest transfer via Western Union or Interac.

Do not be scammed. Do not provide ANY personal information. No legitimate sale will ever require any personal information to be provided. PayPal is a secure intermediary. If a buyer/seller refuses or "cannot" use these services - there is a reason, and chances are that reason is: they are a scammer and do not plan to transfer any money.

Known aliases for this phone number include:
konikonilove@gmail.com, cesemorgan@yahoo.com

Lorraine Braggs
2766 North 17th Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53206

it heppened with me also do not give any of ur information ...f**king dog

this guy is scammer. i m living in canada i m selling my iphone online and this guy contacts via sms. he want my iphone. he give me more money what i m asking for.and saying plz mail u mississippi u.s.a .. my iphone is locked not even unlock . he want my paypal acct number and email and name .plz beware

I'm someone who's looking for a job and I got a call from this number on December 12, 2012 as an offer of employment. The woman I spoke to said her name was Christina. She said I would need to undergo training for the job and the training would cost $100. Sounded like a scam to me. She asked "is this something you would be able to do?" When I replied "no" she simply said "okay enjoy your day" and immediately hung up, which is completely fine because I'm not looking to get scammed.

Address for 646 998 5979 shows up as 247 West 38th Street, NY, NY.

SMS Scam - requesting to purchase my samsung g3 and ship to Nigeria. Offered to pay above list provided I shipped the product. Phone number was stolen, story did not make sense.


Got texts from this number about craigslist add. Is a total scammer wanted to give me an extra 600 dollars so I could pay his shipper but funds wouldn't be transferred to my pay pal account till I paid the shipper and sent a receipt to him via pay pal. Do people really fall for this crap.

This person 646-807-9317 replied to a Craigslist ad I had and was very fishy. They wanted me to reply via e-mail Jensdaveinc@gmail.com , fishy number 1. Then requested a résumé, fishy number 2, got very rude when I asked for details, fishy number 3, searched for the email and phone number online. Verified SCAM!

Let me tell you some things I look for to avoid wasting my time. I apologize if you find any of my statements offensive, but I have witnessed too many people be screwed through the Internet. Please don't feel detached and safe online. Be VERY CAUTIOUS!

-Western Union/Checks or any mention of funds not transferred in a cash to hand manner are BS.

-if a person is replying to an ad and doesn't mention the specifics of that item it is likely to be a scam(ie. calling it an item, or saying advert instead of ad or post or a specific site). Remember this:


-if they immediately ask you to contact them in a different manner than they are contacting you in...often means they are looking for bites/leads to screw you.

-Real people want to know YOU are for real, they aren't going to jump in with you without DETAILS. If they don't want details, they aren't for real!!!!

-if they ask you for ANY personal non-relevant information prior to meeting, this is common sense...DON'T TELL ANYONE YOUR BANK/SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS! They don't need it for legitimate business! If its regarding a job for you, save that info for after ALL normal procedure...interviews and a period of dicision on the employers part. I have news for you...you are never the only applicant with a real company! it takes time to weigh the variables of potential employees, to contact previous employers and references. X

-look at it this way! EVERYONE from the Internet is out to scam you. Let them prove they aren't!

- the second things don't feel right, they probably aren't, don't waste anymore of your time! And if you feel the need, let the Internet Fraud Division of the FBI know about the person!

Thanks for your time. And I am seeking employment, preferably in private securities. You can contact me @ snewcomer22@yahoo.com Obviosly if you are a scammer I will not be giving you any info or cashing any checks for you or being victim to any of the other countless scams. Also I will report you! Everywhere I can!!!

THis guy is a scammer out of Nigeria. They will contact you if you are selling anything online, usually via SMS, and try and get bank or paypal information from you.
Studio Medic:

Text about an item on Craigslist in Orlando......Agree it sounds like a scammer! UGH! I hate these guys!

Just had numerous texts from this number expressing interest in the "item" that I was selling on craigslist. Never mentioned that the item was actually a car that I was selling. They asked me to give them my paypal account number and they would continue with the transaction site unseen.

Text about item on cincy craigslist from a NY number?? Says scam to me!

Craigslist scammer wanting buy my truck for his father, he's a marine biologist that can't take calls.


Craigslist scammer trying to steal merchandise by offering to pay large sums after delivery.

Was asked to cash check for her name is Kathy but not sure. She asked for my full name and address. I then asked her for her full name and address abd have not recd a text baxk. Seems odd when I call it says # is non-working yet I receive texts.

Received a fax regarding getting transmission rebuilt for 2009 Toyota Camry for Michell Party Planner, asking for our name, personal cell #, address (to ship car to us)and credit cards we accept.