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This Number is a land line number calling from Toronto

Who Called Me From 647-776-8784?


georges kalambayi:
please dont call this number any more, and thank you.
3 years ago

georges kalambayi

i m tired of this number apearing on my phone all the time, please do me a fever dont call it again thank you


The phone number belongs to a collection company called F.D.R or Federal Debt Recovery.


This # 16477768784 FDR LIMITED has been calling me 2 to 3 times a day!! Getting real tired of this. Please remove me from your calling list!!

pissed off

there is no reason that they randomly harass the elderly,cripled,and their children,thier grand children,thier deceased
relatives. they must be stopped . they will be stoped,and be caught.


Yes, I've been getting these spam calls in BC too.


Called at 7:30am. Missed the call, but from what I am reading this is just the beginning! Do not call again!!!


They keep calling me and they don'tleave a message


keep calling and no message


Just block this number. It is easy. Save it in your address book on your phone then press block.


I call them back a man answer @ asking for case number WTF. I Don't even know what case number they talking about. Well! you stop Harassing me!!! is not fun all!!!
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