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Who Called Me From 657-221-7365?


this person has been call about a Job


What was asked of you?
6 months ago

Angie Wilcher

I was called about a job in Lexington ky on 7/24/17
Was you asked to priced anything or receive funds?
6 months ago


This person sent me two cashier's check and ask me to buy gift gards and money transfer? Is it scam?
It’s a scam!!!!!!
2 months ago


Called me about a job and sent me a check to deposit for new office furniture for a new office opening soon.


This person called me everyday about a job and sent me a check via FedEx. He mentioned about the new office in Orange, CA. I just wanted to let everyone know that this is a SCAM. Do not listen to this guys. He's full of crap. Save yourself from this. He took our money. Do not buy iTunes for gift cards for him or money transfer. His name is Hag Feng and other person name is Alex Pan.
Now he's going by the name of Jerry Ming.
2 months ago
He sent me a text message under the name Jerry Ming in regards to a phone interview for a job
2 months ago
Luis Chan now
1 week ago


This number emailed me through a job site and posed as a legitimate job. When I tried to set up interview with Jerry Ming I was told I would be making deposits for checks they would send to me. Scam!!! They are from Hong Kong China


submitted a resume online to a legitimate job site and received an email from Patrick Jeng with this number asking interview questions and wanting to set up an interview. Because of the salary offered i looked up his number and saw its a scam.
The same thing happened to me and when I started asking questions, he hung up on me.
1 month ago
Me too but name is now Luis Chan. Sad because I really needed that job.
1 week ago



This is the email I received from the email of:

Trevor Wilson <trev002will@gmail.com>
10:01 AM (22 hours ago)

to me:
I received your job application with regards to the Office Assistant opening.EVCO Plastics is a famous China Mould manufacturer, efforts for realizing the world famous China Mould manufacturing Group and China Mould technologies innovator. At the starting of EVCO Plastics, most of the China Mould factories were working for domestic market, while EVCO Plastics started to aim on international market. EVCO Plastics Ltd and EVCO Plastics trade mark have been globally protected. Due to high demand of our mould products we have decided to open up our first branch in Charleston,SC to bring satisfaction to our customers who request for our products within the surrounding areas of South Carolina.

We are seeking a reliable,responsible Office Assistant for our Charleston,SC Office set to open next month.

Job Description:

The job requires someone who is bright and a quick learner.The job requirement include;draft correspondences and other formal documents, assistance in running errands,answering phone calls,check voice mail,paying bills and organizing the office.This is a full time position and the pay rate is $21/hr.Working hours are 9am-5pm, Mondays through Fridays.

This position starts as soon as possible so..

1. How soon can you start?
2. Which of your names would you prefer to be called?
3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
4. What are the top 3 skills of an Administrative Assistant?
5. Do you have any questions?

Please get back with your valid cell number.There will be a phone interview.

Luis Chan
(657) 221-7365
EVCO Plastics Inc.

I got the same thing and I just spoke with him and it all felt very fishy.. For the same job. "Trevor" was rude and said provide me with a valid phone number and I was like if you saw my resume that is a valid number. I gave my google voice number instead. He wants me to text him my address and I was like why?
1 week ago
Same exact thing here from the same person.
1 week ago


I just got the same thing as anonymous. So sad because I really needed that job. I looked up EVCO Plastics and website looks legit but after reading all this I seem to be in the middle of a scam. Any advice on reporting this to authorities?
I received the same email but for Baysource Global. Sent from Gerald Wenwick but signed Henry Lupong. That was my first red flag. Thanks for posting this!!
3 days ago
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