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This Number is calling from Bakersfield, California

Who Called Me From 661-380-4001?


I received a phone call from this number, 2 people on the line speaking undistinctively, hard to tell exactly what they were saying, later one they started to make noises and vulgar language.


tried to log in to my ATT account and had my social; fraud!


Left a voicemail on my company phone in regards to a business revolving around SalesForce. Seemed like a nice person, but unfortunately I could barely understand the callers message as it was so muffled.


called me at my work number, stating I was calling harassing them. two or more people on the line, threatening me with prosecution, and being vulger and rude.


Called me at work. Obvious prank call. I've had a call from them before. They are pathetic anti-social losers. I pity them.


Received a call from this number, 2 people one male


They have called my phone for the tenth time in two days.
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