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This Number is a land line number calling from Corinth, Mississippi

Who Called Me From 662-286-6949?


This caller keeps on calling repeatedly leaving messages I can not heard or understand. I have 80% hearing loss, so my husband has told me that they are asking for a Brandon Smith. I do NOT know, or ever heard of a Brandon Smith. I only had this phone number since November, 2014. Maybe, this Brandon Smith had it before me, but he does NOT have it now!! I have been unable to find an email address of this caller, plus their web site does NOT work. Upon doing research on whom this caller is or are, I find multi-findings. One finding shows the caller as BUSTER LIPFORD, 1311 FOOTE STREET, CORINTH, MS 38834. While another finding shows it as MEDPAY ASSURANCE, AVECTUS HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS, LLC, 602 EAST WALDRON STREET, CORINTH, MA 38834. Then even another finding shows it as being from Effective Selfcare Solutions, d/b/a AVECTUS HEALTH CARE SOLUTIONS FINANCIAL SERVICES, LLC, (aka Tim B Smith), P.O. Box 1495, 503 CRUISE STREET, CORINTH, MS 38834-4814. Whomever this caller is, I have never done any business with them, or even heard of them before.


I keep getting voice mail stating that I should call and speak to any member of "team 8". When I called the number back within seconds of the voice mail, it says it's a disconnected number.
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