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This Number is calling from Atlanta, Georgia

Who Called Me From 678-666-5842?


This person called for a strange name, and I thought it would be funny to say it is me (I get calls for other people all the time on my phone, and it gets irritating considering I have had this number for years)....The caller went on to say this person I claimed to be soc sec # and saying "I" was being charged with all these frauds with checks or something, and that "I" was looking to face 1,000 years ...I dont know- it sounded fishy...but I admitted I was lieing and I had no idea how my number got connected with this persons name...He yelled at me and hung up...It sounded like a "lawyers office" I have no idea....


I got a call from that number telling me that I owed like $8k to a payday loan kinda place in a city I've never been to. They had my SSN, a previous address and names of a bunch of my family members. They also claimed that my account was associated with a bank of america account, which I've never had. So I called bank of America and they had no record of anything this guy was saying. Seems like a phishing scam.

Jez Me

I got a recording when I answered that said there was an urgent message for me, and to press 1 to speak to an associate. I hung up


I got the call twice yesterday saying I deposited fraud checks. WHAT the heck and a local uniform person was coming to arrest me for my warrant. This is crazy and a scam. Stupid people have time for this stuff
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