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This Number is a land line number calling from Roanoke, Texas

Who Called Me From 682-727-6729?


This is a fraudulent service pretending to sell puppies but they just take your money
How do you know, did this happen to you?
1 year ago

Lane Cell

I believe this phone number is connected to someone or a group of people selling puppies. They have multiple listings in several states and Canada selling lots of different kinds of dogs. Would not/ could not give me a business name or website or facebook page.


Definitely fraudulent! Sent me many photos of different puppies claiming they were the same dog! Asked me to send a money gram blockong the last two numbers. 😏

f**k you bantered
8 months ago

Marsha Wright

This is a Scam! Don’t buy from number 682-727-6729!!! Daniel Nduma. He will pretend he has dogs, have you sent money by money gram, tell you to cover only a few of the last numbers of the reference number for you to feel secure about sending the money. And then he will go pick up the funds by either working with someone at his local pickup location or guessing the last two digits of the reference number. They someone will call you stating they can only ship the dog via Ventilated means and ask for 1400 more dollar. I repeat Daniel Nduma at number 682-727-6729 is a scam


This is another hilarious Nigerian scam. Those M F's are always looking for a way to separate Americans from their money but, a lot of you fools are falling for this sh*t! Bye your dogs from a reputable dealer. Mr. Nduru, Daniel or whatever else he calls his self truly can not be in Al of those places at same time. He using other peoples pig's to gain your attention. I can here it now; oh such a cute doggie, let buy it.
Suckers!!!!! Beware you are warned, especially you white people!!! Bye.


Same as all above....showed me the sweetest little yorkie for $250 (only) - then wanted money up front. I said I would drive - I want to see where my puppy is coming from - he wouldn’t let me. BAD BAD SO SAD - SCAM FOR QUICK MONEY - DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!


Just finished texting with this person. Sent me pictures of adorable yorkie-8 weeks old for $350. I asked for references and he said tomorrow. Asked if it was okay if we flew out tomorrow and person said they would send me details tomorrow. Said he had free coupons so the dog could fly with no additional cost to me. 682-727-6729 was not number I first messaged him at. He responded saying that the number was out of service momentarily and was using another phone. Thank you all so much for the warning !!!
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