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This Number is a land line number calling from Bismarck, North Dakota

Who Called Me From 701-258-0124?

Concerned Citizen

This man who called me tried to get me to discuss my spouse's account and tell me that I was responsible for my spouse's account. I instructed the caller to call the person whose account it is (my spouse). He said that he is not going to play the "go between game" and said that I am responsible for my spouse's account. I instructed the man to send my spouse something in writing that I can put in front of my spouse and tell them to take care of their account. The caller said he would not do that but would just go ahead and send me to their legal department. When he began to raise his voice at me I hung up. I will NOT tolerate verbal abuse (which yelling is). Credit card companies who have both my spouse's and my name on the account won't talk to me if I am not the primary account holder. . .neither will banks, medical facilities, etc. Apparently this company thinks it is okay to discuss a person's account with another person. Horrible business practices and lack of professionalism and ethical business practices.
Stand For Ethics:
This # belongs to Collection Center Inc out of Bismarck ND
3 years ago
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