mikeydeck said:

This is "Reward Redemption's" phone number. I have no idea why they called. It is an automated caller. I called back and they said I entered my number on one of their "affiliate websites" although I have NEVER entered my phone number on a website (I use my home number).


cbarlie said:

Same thing happened to my mom. And wanted persanle info. Strange


Matt said:

Got a call from this number earlier today, and they did not leave a message. I called back and got a message system that I won $100, or something like that. It also gave me an option to be placed on their do not call list (promptly disconnected me when I selected that option). When I pressed "1" to claim the reward, I was connected to a woman with a Mexican accent who both ignored me and yelled canned responses at me when I tried to nicely ask questions. Eventually I got a manager, Anthony, who said they were the Rewards Department at a company called Marketing Solutions. I was told they got my number from one of their "marketing affiliates", but they could not tell me who. They wanted me to pay $9.95 shipping to receive my reward (typical scam line). Anthony hung up on me when I asked to be placed on their do not call list.

Overall, I'm almost certain this is a scam, so I reported it to the FCC.


Pete said:

Called, left no message


Lindsay said:

Had this # call me 10 minutes before I went on my lunch break at work on my personal cell phone. when I called back, it was an automated message that said to push 1 to redeem my rewards card. (I currently had 2 cards from sprint on the way. I assumed maybe it was complications with that) when I pushed 1, some Indian, with Terrible English answered, and first off asked me for my name. I told him my name, then he jumped right into whats my birthday? I told him before I give him my information I need to know what company this is for. he said I had visited a website or something? (he had TERRIBLE english)so again, I asked are you with at


Anonymous said:

WTf! it cut off half my comment!! Anyways, conclusion was DO NOT GIVE ANY OF YOUR INFO TO THESE FOREINGERS!!


Anonymous said:

Read enough postings to see this is an ID theft operation.


Anonymous said:

caller ID showed my daughter's number so I answered. some recording about a $100 gift card.


Bob said:

Have no idea. If I don't recognize the number


mrboxmaker said:

As all the people I know on my cell phone have their own ringtone, I turned my generic ringtone off after recieving many of these annoying calls on my cell phone. Both my cell and landline are on the do not call list, So I'm thinking these people need to be stopped somehow. Besides, My cell is only for emergencies and I have NEVER given that number to anyone I don't know personally. So when they claim to have recieved it from some associated sorce or other. THEY LIE!!!


Big said:

They got you number when you inquired about a job,and filled out an application on line. Pure phishing scam.Came from Gigats they use you phone number for all sorts of stuff. Mostly they try to get you to enroll in college courses so you can qualify for the job you applied for.


Betty said:

Called twice, first called just rang 3 times and they hang up. Second time 20 mins later, same. Didn't leave message.


Joe said:



shanell said:

they called me 3 times today and all hung up.


Virgil said:

They are calling my cell and mine is also on the do-not-call-list.


Pat said:

They are calling to my cell multiple times. I called back and it was an automated message that said to push 1 to redeem my $100 reward card. I pressed 1 and a lady asked for my name and last name. I did not gave them any of my personal information. I hanged up.


Pete said:

I got a call from this # and not message i do not even think to call them back


Dc said:

This call comes in all the time, there is never a message, and I never answer because it is not a familiar number. Decided to research the area code, finding it to be las Vegas, don't know anyone there, so.....researched further to find these comments, which have raised my concerns. I will follow through with contact to the FCC...suggestions for the rest of you to do the same.


Dottie said:

Have had two calls from this number. I don't know anyone in area code 702,(Indian Springs Nv.), so I've never answered their calls. They only let it ring 3 or 4 times and never leave a message. I'm on the Do-Not-Call-List also, and don't know how they got my number. I'm glad I found this site. Thanks for the heads up everyone.

Amanda Pham

Amanda Pham said:

This number called my a few times before but I wasn't able to answer it somehow. I called back finally and there was a Mexican man(with terrible accent) answering the phone and saying that I won a hundred dollar gift card and can use it in any store like Walmart or Target,etc. It was a reward because I had visited their website before(which I don't know what website, Amazon maybe so far I can think of.) I gave him my address, my birthday, and he finally asked me to give my debit card number for paying $3.99 shipping the gift card. I refused to give the digit numbers and said that I would call back. He angrily yelled at me and said that I would not receive the reward if I don't give him the digit number in my card. He kept asking me to give my debit card number but I didn't for not knowing who he was. What a scam! I hung up.

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