Crystal said:

I continue to get multiple calls from 1-703-348-5588. When I answer the phone, no one answers. I have tried to call the number back and the call immediately disconnects. I am getting very aggravated with this because this is not the only number that calls and does this.


AlphaT said:

I do as well and ALL hours of the night and day, and it has become intrusive to say the least. When I try to call back, I get the message "Not a working number", and they never leave a message on my machine. My guess? Debit collector (for my step-daughter...not me, for those wondering)! Telemarketers tend to use 800 numbers.


Holly said:

This number called my home three times today and left no message. I do not have debt collectors looking for me or anyone in my home, so I doubt it's a debt collector unless they have the wrong number. They hang up after only three rings, which is strange. I'm going to put them on my call block list.

Please share your experience with 703-348-5588.

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