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This Number is a land line number calling from Arcola, Virginia

Who Called Me From 703-348-5588?


I continue to get multiple calls from 1-703-348-5588. When I answer the phone, no one answers. I have tried to call the number back and the call immediately disconnects. I am getting very aggravated with this because this is not the only number that calls and does this.
I do as well and ALL hours of the night and day, and it has become intrusive to say the least. When I try to call back, I get the message "Not a working number", and they never leave a message on my machine. My guess? Debit collector (for my step-daughter...not me, for those wondering)! Telemarketers tend to use 800 numbers.
5 years ago
This number called my home three times today and left no message. I do not have debt collectors looking for me or anyone in my home, so I doubt it's a debt collector unless they have the wrong number. They hang up after only three rings, which is strange. I'm going to put them on my call block list.
5 years ago
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