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This Number is a wireless number calling from Oakton, Virginia

Who Called Me From 703-457-8111?


Received call claiming to be from IRS for my daughter - they had said she has fraud judgment for 2500 dollars - from 2008 to 2013 - she was only 16 in 2008 with no job or filing of taxes - SCAM all the WAY -

call IRS nothing --- beware


703 457 8111 is a fraudulent number claiming to be an IRS Audit Agent. Told me I had a case against me for Tax evasion from 2008-20013! He wanted me to give him personal information to file with my case. When I asked details he got aggressive and told me he was just going to send the authorities to my address and have me arrested, I told him Great! He then hung up on me and when I called the number back he answered "IRS Fraud Department" I asked to whom am I speaking and he just repeated the above "" so I asked his name again and he hung up on me again. I called back about twenty times until the number went straight to a disconnected click when called!
SCAM SCAM, never give out ANY personal info no matter who they say they are, especially when they sound like they are from another country and can not ID themselves.


He called and left a message claiming a lawsuit has been filed against me due to fraudulent taxes on my behalf. Then he said to call back before legal action is taken. Huh? His name and company i.d. were garbled but the callback number was not. Didn't seem to know my name though. The only fraud here was the bogus call.


Guy left this voicemail: "...Outstanding contact our order department on 703-457-8111. I repeat that 703-457-8111. Before any legal actions are taken to forcefully recover the amount unpaid. Thank you."


Same voicemail "...outstanding contact us before any legal actions are taken to forcefully recover the amount unpaid", almost exactly. I am not calling back. May consider finally getting rid of that landline.
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