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This Number is a land line number calling from Mendocino, California

Who Called Me From 707-202-6086?


Phone only said ( I )
Is a scam. Cops don't solicit for donations
3 years ago


Dude asked if I would be willing to pledge 40 to a police survivors thing. I said no and he then asked for 30. I said no, so he asked for 15 or 20. I said no. He said thanks and said maybe next time. I donate to individuals that need assistance at the time of occurrence.


Left a message (home phone) "Is Jim there?" and that was all


Called and left a message that said "Is this Larissa?" That was all.


Called and woke my elderly mother, but wouldn't answer when I asked who was calling. When I called the number back, I got a message that "this person can not be reached at this time." I'll bet. Considering her number is on the do not call registry, how does this crap happen?


I have NoMoRobo so only rings once then hangs up. But at 8 am on a Sat morning?


Dick head calls and says a first name.."Ronald,'are you their". This number has never been given out to know one. This is a family emergency number only.
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