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This Number is a land line number calling from Oak Park, Illinois

Who Called Me From 708-613-2043?


Called but did not leave a message


Called cell phone, no message.




Called, left no message. When you call that number, there is no answer. Feels like a scam, since I know no one in Illinois.


Called on 8/8/13 at 5:05 EST. No message.


Automated voice said "Press 1 to speak to someone about our cruise offer". I hung up.


Called, left no message. Apparently they are calling everyone today. Jerkasses.


They were offering a cruise offer. They want you to pay the "taxes" for the cruise immediately and then you have 18 months to book your cruise. When I said I would need to run things by my wife her response was "Oh. So you cant make decisions by yourself." Then when I said I would need to call her tomorrow she said "Well then we'll offer this to someone else." and hung up.

It was a too good to be true offer and rude customer service. Having to pay the taxes on something that you want even book for a while is shady. I doubt they will call more than once. If they do just answer it and make things difficult. They will stop calling


Just curious what carrier do you all use.I have sprint and they called and no message.I also have a verizn business cell which received no calls.I registered both phones with the do not call reg at the same time.i received many calls to my sprint line but none to my veriz line
I have Verizon, am on the Do-Not-Call and they called me. I did not answer and they did not leave a message.
5 years ago


f**k them a**holes


Called, no message @6:39pm.


I receive a call from this number a lot. unfortunately there is very little recourse due to the number being untraceable. My advise is if you do receive a call, answer and act as if you do indeed plan on signing up. Keep them going and on the line as long as possible in an effort to obtain as much information about them as you can. Eventually something may come out about them that is identifiable. Then take that information and contact your local consumer affairs office.


Called at 5:50 pm. Says it is from Oak Park and I live in IL but do not know anyone in Oak Park. Did not leave a message.
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