Who is calling or texting from 713-000-0001?
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Who Called Me From 713-000-0001?


This is another number that Card Member Services uses. This is a spoofed number which is illegal, yet nothing it done to stop them. People need to keep reporting them, someday they're going to be stopped, right????


They think they're slick but with a 000 prefix it is obvious it is a telemarketer so who would even answer it? I put a block all incoming for this number.


I also got a call from these people. Tried to get information about who they were and why they were calling me so I could be removed from the list, but after asking multiple times the woman on the other end just told me to "shut up." Don't answer calls from these idiots.


I did not answer this number when they called. I am on the do not call list and I am sick of all these calls. I am sure it is a bogas call trying to get anything they can.


Just wondering if anyone knew about this. I don't answer ph# on my cell if I don't recognize the number. I figure if they know me, they will leave a voice mail

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Here is the website associated w/ the 713/000-0001. http://planetofjunk(dot)com/midtown/index.html. Translate the Latin on the home page. It's one of those"....?!?!What the ****?!?" statements. However falsely claiming BBB accreditation is illegal so go get 'em FBI cyber-sheriffs.
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