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This Number is a land line number calling from Anaheim, California

Who Called Me From 714-678-2228?


Tis call comes from reborn cabinets, in Anaheim, ca. I made the mistake of using them years ago, and thy do a crappy job for a lot of money. Not only that, on of their electricians stole some electrical testing equipment out of my garage while working at my house.

I'm proud to say that I've cost thm thousands of dollars by warning friends and relatives that were considering using them, of th shoddy job they do.

Avoid Reborn Cabinets at all costs.


Its Reborn Cabinets. Stopped by a kiosk in a mall months ago. Expressed a mild interest in the product and provided my phone number. Nice salesperson and seemingly good product...HOWEVER, they have not stopped calling. They call in waves and sometimes late in the evening. Because I asked them to NOT call late and that I would call when ready and they still call and call late, I will not think twice about using this company.
Valerie Fee:
I stop by the showroom several months ago. They called the next day wanting to make an appointment and I said no I wasn't interested. Todat, on memorial day, they called again wanting to make an appointment. I said no I wasn't interested. I hung up. They called four more times and I refused to answer the phone. This is very unprofessional.
3 years ago


I asked them nicely to stop calling 3 times. It's been 2 years, they still call every other month. I have received over 10 calls from them. Their policy must be - not remove you from the call list! What a joke this company is....


Yes, they were at the Hermosa Beach Fair last weekend and have left 20 messages on my phone and they made up a lie that I scheduled an appt with them. THey are a fraud and I will talk to my friends in Hermosa Beach to keep them from returning to the fiesta next year and beyond.


Never heard of them, never signed for anything with them, yet somehow they got my name and phone number and keep calling. Wondering what company or business could have possibly shared my info with them. It sucks.


Reborn cabinets are ruthless and relentless. It is so unprofessional. They obviously don't have enuf kitchen jobs.
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