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This Number is a land line number calling from Buena Park, California

Who Called Me From 714-752-3797?

scam flusher

714-752-3797 is a thumb sucking, worm-like maggot posing as criminal telescum using a spoofed telephone number. Pretends to be with the city and tells you since you’ve paid your taxes on time, you are entitles to free solar,windows, etc. I'm sterilizing his number so he will have to spend more money changing numbers again. Financially put him out of business. Also uses 559-240-0303, 858-777-0056, 539-444-9056, 323-454-2846, 559-439-8672, 559-229-0907, 559-425-1201, 323-679-1257, 209-407-5157 (hocks solar), , 310-494-2474 Spoofed - student loan scam, 213-514-5136, 559-582-0526 (spoofed clean energy), 559-439-6162 (spoofed), 559-627-1133 (spoofed), 559-439-3157 (spoofed), 562-262-5454, 559-422-3164, 516-206-9011, 559-422-3058, 782-541-6325, 559-419-0930, 559-291-0582, 559-354-8253 and 559-732-0784. Turn this parasite in and help the government get rich from his efforts. Pray for him going out of business, getting a huge fine, and sharing a cell with Bubba. Cross reference and Block em Danno.
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