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Collection Agency

Collection Agency

Called offering a job but wouldn't give any further information.

this Is national credit adjuster

calls constantly at wok- every day- never leaves a message.

hate this person

Loan modification scam


bill collector

call started with recording, then human asked for me, but would not id themselves. did not leave a message.

Did not leave a message.
K. Arnold:

Caller said she was calling from "Smart Energy," selling products to lower home heating and energy bills. I'm on the National Do Not Call list, so she's already in violation, and judging from the complaints above, she's a repeat offender. When I asked how to reach the company, she gave me a telephone number of (888) 688-8495 and a website of www.smartenergy.com (the website's under construction and I get no answer from the phone number.
Alyn Smythe:

Dr. Arthur Frayn D.O.
Appointment reminder.

Payphone at Santa Ana Police Department

Called my ex mother in law looking for me. She gave them no info, but they were rather rude.
Suzy M:

Debt collector.

have no idea who this is, I call back and get put on hold or get a machine asking for a case #

This number calls ALl the time, it sounds like a answering machine picks up n then there is nothing but silence.....

state has file on record and time sensative

Male voice with accent starts asking about whether or not my Mom wanted to purchase sleep aids and diet pills. He became argumentative with my Mom and after I wrestled the phone from her and hung up, he continued to call, even after I told him to stop calling.

These jerks don't take no for an answer. They called me 7 times in a 3-minute span last week.

Got a call and spoke with a woman who helped me straighten out an issue i had. i knew what she was talking about and she made everything real easy.

Seemingly authentic. Was able to read back to me my Computer ID number. They asked me to navigate to my Admin tools, and verify that I had eight warnings or errors from today, and eleven from yesterday. I am (was) a computer admin, and there were only two from today (valid ones, at that) and the computer was turned off yesterday. They assured me that this virus continues to infect my computer even when it is turned off. I finally hung up on them. My suggestion is that you don't talk to these people but make sure that your virus and trojan software is up to date, download all patches, and run a complete scan on your computer. Something is fishy. DO NOT run any programs or applications that they may send you, and DO NOT tell your browser to accept cookies from any site they recommend. STICK WITH Norton, AVG, or one of the other major players.

Keeps calling my work....stating they have legal documents.....very annoying!!

The name came up RSANDASSOCIATES on my caller ID....no separation of letters. A female said she was calling about 'charges that had been filed against' me. When I asked her what she was talking about, she said she was calling on behalf of someone who had 'charges against' me. What the heck? She refused to tell me who had 'charges against' me, but told me to call a toll-free telephone number and gave me a 'case number'. Excuse me? Who in the name of all that is good and gracious does that? I told her I was not calling anyone unless I had more information. That I am disabled and there is NO reason for anyone to be filing 'charges against' me. She said something about her job was to call me to tell me to call the other number; I told her, "Fine, you did your job, now leave me alone. I am NOT calling anyone!"

I despise creatures like this! I have no clue who these people are. I have lived in exactly the same place for 3 years. Prior to living here, I lived in the same place for 10 years. Not one time have I ever received anything in the mail or otherwise about any 'charges against' me. These creatures need to get a legitimate life!

If in fact there had been 'charges against' me filed, why would I have
not heard by mail or a sheriffs deputy at my door that someone had
filed 'charges against' me? If someone is going to call me and tell
me what that female from "RSANDASSOCIATES" told me, then they need to
be giving me a lot more information than she did.

I believe this is all part of a scam. It has happened to me before
when a credit collections called saying I owed over $300.00 on a
credit card for a local store. Then a few months later the amount was
over $600.00! Then, a few months later, another call telling me yet
another amount! Well, crap, if I actually owed any amount, then why
did the amount keep changing? Why have I not ever received any type
of mail/written correspondence concerning the supposed amount?

I am tired of getting stupid telephone calls from stupid people who
make unsubstantiated accusations/claims. I have enough to worry about
without the likes of such creatures bothering me.