anon said:

Called me today on 11/19. Asked for someone who I don't even know nor recognize the name. I told them they had the wrong number and they told me that this person has my phone number registered in their name so it couldn't be the wrong number. I told them I have had this phone number for TEN YEARS and have no idea who the person is that they are calling for. They told me that other offices would probably be calling me asking for this person. I asked where they were calling from and they said "what does it matter if you're not the person we are looking for?"... uhhh well maybe because you just told me you're going to keep calling me.. How rude.. I can't believe this is legal.


louie said:

wanted to talk with me about business manner. ask for my SS#, I hung up

northern illinos

northern illinos said:

Again this seems to be a company that is trying to 'get you to pay for something' and ask for a name that might be like yours.


Unimportant said:

I got a call which was hung up w/o message. I called back and the first thing I heard was this call *will be* recorded. The woman on the phone avoided giving me the reason why they were calling me (of course I called from a totally different number which was in in their records) and she continuously asked me my phone number. I spent a few choice words about their business practices before hanging up on her face. More than likely a debt collector.


Di said:

It is Greystone Alliance. They called at 8:25 a.m. twice


puma said:

Debt Collection Agency

Please share your experience with 716-218-4870.

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