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This Number is calling from Tonawanda, New York

Who Called Me From 716-245-7184?

Ron Hood

They keep calling trying to con us our of money, they are a Chinese telemarketer trying to play like they are the Government, i am a 100% disable veteran with spine trouble I need them to stop, playing like they are the Government, I thought that it was a crime to play like you are the Government


Same as above. Called 3 times in a day after I told them to take my name and number off of their list. They called back the next day. Same recited verbiage. US GOVT giving a 9000 grant payable to my bank account direct deposit or one of my credit cards. TERRIBLE PEOPLE. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS.

Enuff already

They call claiming to be from the IRS and want me to speak to one of their officers about unpaid debt (I have none)


Got calls from 2 numbers one giving me a code to call another number and when I do they tell me they are a officer for the government then hang up on me then the other number calls back and ask if I called I tell him yes and I was hung up on he asked me to call back so I do and the other guy so I do he said to me that I need to keep my f***ing attitude in check his words!!!! These people need to be stopped they are clearly scam artist fishing for info on people they are not giving anyone money


This group is clearly wanting banking info they are rude and barely speak proper English don't fall for it
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