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This Number is a land line number calling from Buffalo, New York

Who Called Me From 716-362-2803?

mark smith

HELPED me soooo much thank god they saved me from a lot of hardship. so glad i paid what i owed before i went to court!!!!!
how long you work for them
4 years ago


Caller identified as Renee White, Pierson Associates. Did not indicate who call was for. Beginning of message was cut off. Said criminal action had been filed against a name and ssn, the call would act as legal notification, and there was 24 hours to call back to dispute/respond before a complaint would be filed. Call came in sometime last week when I was out of town.




Sounds like a scam. Just got one of these calls.. If it were they would need to send a letter, not just call.
It should say if they were legit.
4 years ago
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