Darrel said:

This is an auto insurance rate finder company. In my opinion they are not only fruad, the are way over the top rude, sure like any insurance company they dont care about people. ..but these guys at "auto insurance lab" really went the extra mile...and when I called to be removed crom thier calling list and complain about the many rude, beyond harassment phone calls I was hung up on by thier costumer service department 8 times. Before they hung up they say rude comments then hang up... the names and words that were yelled at me for expressing my content with my company are far too inappropriate to post. This company appears to be fruad as they have given me different adresses and none of them being where this number is at. Avoid this number and company at all cost.


Anonymous said:

same is happening with me, however they are calling when I answer there is no one there, I called twice last night and asked to be removed and they called again this morning! ugggg


dblt said:

they call me almost everyday, never leave a message and are just rude when you call back

they were rude

they were rude said:

Yup this just happened to me too! they said my name and then because they would not tell me what was going I they hung up.


Jana said:

Constantly calling me every 2 hours until 9:00 pm. Very annoying!!


Aaron said:

Same problems as previous reports. That is, when I call back to ask to be put on Do Not Call List I am treated very rudely and hung up on.
I am pleading that their Karma is especially a bitch to them!


MIchael said:

I told them I dont have a car, so I'll see if they continue to call or not.


Tiffany said:

I have told these people several times that I am blind and do not own or operate a car after the 16th call of the day. The rude person told me if I was blind i shouldn't be able to answer the phone... DUHHH im blind but I can talk and hear!!!


Tim said:

Called me on my cell phone and implied that they could save me $500 on my auto insurance. Could they have one of their crack agents call me back? I said no and disconnected from the call. Just cell phone spam. I just wish I could figure out where they got my cell number.


Karen said:

This number calls my unlisted number a couple times a day, how do they get our phone numbers? This is extremely annoying!


anonymouslypissed said:

same as everyone else said. calls start at 645am till 11pm called back rude sobs im contacting my attorney general on this.


Jim said:

I've gotten the police involved to trace/track these calls .


Gemma said:

First call I received from 716-408-0381. Then they started to attack me with calls from different numbers: 608-884-0807, 608-403-4229, 608-472-2129,608-4034262, 800-850-2792,999-999-9211,877-769-9690. They are calling for two days now. Today I called back on the first number and said that will file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. Did not have calls since then.


Ty said:

They've called four times between yesterday and today. I haven't answered and they don't leave a message.


Unknown said:

Same here,they just called my boyfriend looking for me. IDK how they got his number. Everytime I call, they hang up on me.


rhonda said:

I signed up to get auto insurance quotes on line and have been getting calls every hour , 9 calls for far today and 12 from a different number and 5 from a third all of which match the numbers listed in a earlier message. I'm ready to use a whistle and blow out there ears when the call. But I also know they are to take you off the calling list when you ask them and you can report them as well.

Dr. Jim

Dr. Jim said:

how do we shut them down ?


Caradina said:

Yep... They're calling me too. I told them they had the wrong number and blocked it on my phone. I hate these guys....


nja said:

Same here they call me about twice a day everyday but I never answer it. This should be stopped and labeled as harrassment, they can pay $$ back to all people for waste of time/ inconvenients..


Anonymous said:

They just called me. I'm glad I didn't pick up. I'm going to block them.

Real Auto Insurance Lab

Real Auto Insurance Lab said:

Please know I am just as frustrated as all of you but I can assure you that these calls are NOT coming from Auto Insurance Lab. These numbers are not ours and it is not us doing this to you. I Googled this number and see it is not a legit company yet they are putting themselves out there as Auto Insurance Lab. They find companies like ours, and not just ours, and then begin calling stating they are calling from Auto Insurance Lab. I will be filing a cease and dec order. Wanted to set the record straight, it isn't Auto Insurance Lab doing this and I want it to end as much as you do.

Please share your experience with 716-408-0381.

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