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Area Code: 716 (Page 13/13)

Location Info for Area Code 716

State/Province: New York

Cities:   note: the number in parentheses is the prefix for that city

(200) Buffalo
(201) Lockport
(203) Dunkirk
(205) Niagara Falls
(209) Orchard Park
(210) Sanborn
(213) Tonawanda
(214) Gerry
(217) Angola
(219) Youngstown
(221) Clarence Ctr
(222) Holland
(223) Ripley
(224) Mayville
(226) Boston
(227) Rushford
(229) Cattaraugus
(230) Brocton
(232) Westfield
(233) Findley Lake
(234) Sherman
(241) Gowanda
(244) Salamanca
(246) Lewiston
(250) Williamsville
(258) Machias
(267) Kennedy
(296) Cherry Creek
(301) Limestone
(307) Olean
(312) Hamburg
(318) Medina
(320) Clarence
(333) Wilson
(337) N Collins
(338) Jamestown
(354) Randolph
(355) Clymer
(360) Lancaster
(384) Cassadaga
(386) Bemus Point
(401) Fredonia
(406) Clarence Center
(442) Akron
(456) Lakewood
(457) Java Village
(492) Arcade
(496) Chaffee
(557) Hinsdale
(558) W Seneca
(564) Amherst
(569) Frewsburg
(575) Eden
(592) Springville
(608) West Seneca
(621) Panama
(627) Lake View
(638) Newfane
(652) East Aurora
(676) Franklinville
(699) Ellicottville
(735) Middleport
(765) Lyndonville
(772) Gasport
(773) Grand Island
(791) Ransomville
(795) Barker
(902) Alden
(933) Portville
(934) Silver Creek
(938) Little Valley
(942) West Valley
(947) Derby
(962) Sinclairville
(965) Forestville
(968) Cuba
(988) S Dayton


i had a kelly king call me and tell me they were going to summons me to court. she told me that i owed for a collection bill. i have no idea what shes talking about. i called the company she said i owed. they didnt know who i was and i didnt owe anything. i told kelly the company had no idea who i was and now shes suppose to give me my money back. she said they have the wrong person. beware. they stole $800 from me. they say theyre with VIP LOAN SHOP, type: secured loan-return ACH. the name at the bottom of the letter is Rachael Daniels Director of Operations
kelly king
franklin, mitchell & associates
210 walnut st. 2nd floor box 18
lockport, new york 14094
phone 716-514-4887
fax 1-866-812-0592
email franklinmitchellandassociates@gmail.com

Very Very RUDE? Called back within seconds after being told wrong number and not to call back.

P and B Capital Group/ Debt Collectors

A guy calls from this number who is very accusatory, tells me to grow up and have an adult conversation, some kind of debt collector. I inquired who was calling and when I told him he had a wrong number, he lit into me. I was floored to have someone be so outlandishly rude to me.

A fake debt collector who will rudely hang up on you once you tell him your not the person he's looking for. He's really a peice of human garbage.

This is actually Formative Recovery and the number they provide in their automated message is 888-280-6868. They never mention what debt the call is for in the voice message. Look up the company on Google, and you will find a large amount of negative feedback about them.

this is fraud. Beware they try to garnish wages illegally. They call your contacts, including your place of employment and claim you committed fraud.

Blood Pressure is high in the E.R!
Sheila Carlisle:

Please stop hasseling me and especially my loved ones. I mean it!!!
Sheila Carlisle:

Please do not call my family or me again. You are pestering my loved ones and I won't allow it.

who or what ever keeps calling my son cell phone. he is 11 yrs old. they call while he is at school or even 2 am.Called the number back many times to get a message that says please hold for the next available agent.waiting 5 + mins. for them to just say goodbye ending call now & hang up.ifI do ever get a hold of someone they better never call again.if you know anything about this number or know how to stop this please let me know......

I am not sure if this company is even legitimate. I received a call regarding an old debt that may not exist or if it's identity theft using my debt to extort money. The message sounds rather threatening stating that there is pre-litigation involved and to verify and access my information. A few months ago I've received other threatening calls demanding a credit card number over the phone. Well if they are contacting me regarding a debt shouldn't they have all the info they need without me giving it to them? Has anyone heard of National Processing Group are they legitimate?


Says they are "east pointe" I need to call them back because they have a complaint and need to hear from me or from counsel. ??? Know idea

Left voicemail saying they are from county and will take legal action if i don't pay some past due payday loan acct???

A very rude lady by the name of Tracy Wallace left me a voicemail on my cell phone and work number. When I called her back, she was completely belligerent, cursed at me and hung up on me. When I asked her to give me the company name that she is calling from, she stated, " I don't have to give you that information". Well, how am I supposed to pay a debt if I don't even know the company name??????? She called me multiple times during the day and advised me that she will keep calling me until the debt is paid. By the way, she is trying to collect on a debt from 2007 from a pay day loan she said I had. I never had a payday loan in 2007. This is an absolute hoax and I will be filing the appropriate paperwork to complain about her and her collection efforts which are not in compliance with the Fair Credit Debit Act.

Claims to be PCS Law Firm, but is a collection agency looking for one of my relatives. Tried to intimidate me into giving out personal information of my relative. Took down their information, and twice asked them to confirm they were a Law Firm, which they confirmed. Relative reports they are trying to collect on a debt that was settled during a bankruptcy.

They hung up when the answering machine turned on. No message.

This is for a property survey ordered by your insurance company.

Caller is from a company that collects on defaulted student loan debt. Will leave nice polite messages but are very aggressive when you get them on the phone. Don't like being told 'no'. Be careful with them and ask for everything documented via mail!
indiana Girl:

This place has a girl named Amy that calls and claims that you owe a payday loan. She has an obnoxious man named "bob White" that calls you everyday and calls your job and the people on your contacts from your application and says "you've been served." I'm not sure if it's a scam or not. All I know is that I've already given these people over $150.00 and I'm beginning to think that it's a SCAM