Who is calling or texting from area code 719?
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harrassing bill collecter ,serving summons to appear to court annoying avoid

Not sure who it is, they call and when you call back you're on hold.

Soliciting funds for UCCS Alumni Association

multiple calls during the week...no answer

The company is 411 services. The lady said that their job is to get a company more business. After that I hung up so I really don't know any more than this.

I got a call from them today trying to get me to sign up for FastBusinessCash.net telling me they would give me $100 bonus for signing up but it cost $79 to get started. When I said it didn't sound right the rep said well I guess common sense is not common anymore and hung up. Do not join this company or you will be in the scam of your life!!!!
Caller: Fast Business Cash
Call Type: Telemarketer
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

SPAM CALLER, picked up and nobody on the line. Return call person not available, no information. SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER

Impact Global Research is the company name. Telemarketer - very rude and does not understand that if the are asked not to call back they are not to call back. Oil invest.

It's the Fremont County Correctional Facility. Someone trying to call you from there.
John Smith:

This is a conference call bridge. A conference call Host is trying to bridge you in to a conference call. If you are not aware of needing to join a conf call then the call Host has the wrong number.

This Asshat called at 3AM on holiday weekend sat night / sunday morning)

Some vacation/timeshare company
sleep deprived:

This is a fax machine and we have no fax. Woke us up at 6:09 am. Called the number and it said the box was full. We don’t have 9-5 jobs and unfortunately, have to keep our phone on due to work related calls. Wish there was a working “Do Not Call List”.

been getting this call almost everyday for two weeks. Sometimes it's twice a day. They never leave a message. I consider this harassment. I'm about ready to pick up the phone and blast their ears off with an airhorn.
Helen Freeman:

Individual ask for Helen - when she replied - caller made a very disrespectful comment - "Man,this person is really old" and then hung up on her. She was very hurt and concerned about who this person was - and what were they trying to find out about her.

calls me looking for my parents,call them not me!
alex burdett:

Who is this



Received several calls from 2035579 with a Colorado state area code (719) they never left me any voicemail. I was curious so I called back after their 4th or 5th attempt. I used a fake name, only to find out they are a company that specializes in the brokerage in Oil & Gas investment. I have participated in this type of venturing in the past so I was slightly interested in learning more. And also maybe checking to see how they found my contact info, as they were calling me at my place of business. I spoke to a representative named "Adam" he was very professional with me and polite which is always unexpected in situations like this. So I gave him his chance. He assured me that the field was mass producing and in an oil proven location. I asked for a recommendation. This was over a week ago, and I have not heard back from Adam. He said he'd have a senior broker contact me again within a weeks time with just that. After not hearing back from them I was just curious why this happened to me so I googled the number, and here I am today.. I mean they have my home address on file and the conversation with Adam was particularly personal. So I needed to know how legit this really was. He also gave me an email address to view to updated progress for the company they are actually the raising money for... www.shorelinepacific.com (found this very interesting) seems legit enough to have me still wondering I suppose. Just waiting for that call, so I can take an actual look at the literature he referenced in the call.

As for the first 3 call experiences listed here, I am sure they mean well and do not intend on creating negative feedback by "hanging up" but they are surely very busy at all times. I could only imagine working in a firm that brings in this kind of cash would be like. They are serious brokers and don't have time to sit and explain this process to every person they call. So if you're not interested, or you don't give them a chance to do their job. They really have no reason to remain on the phone wasting any more of any ones time. So they terminate the call. Take it for what it is, they are business men.. They only do business with serious investors.

John P.
waiting for my call !!

Yup scammer. Often works with paypal. Don't deal with him. He will screw you over!

its an inmate calling from the prison in canon city. if you call it back it will say it is disconnected, but its an inmate call though from the prison who is calling off thier account

Keeps calling, a local number for me, no message, number invalid when I call back.

Total rip off , do not talk to these liars !!!