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This Number is a land line number calling from Denver, Colorado

Who Called Me From 720-535-1250?


Have called me twice. Both after 10pm here in Illinois. Phone ID says it's Co. Chiropractic. Never heard of them and don't need them.


720-535-1250 caller ID says Colorado Chiropractic, but someone with a thick foreign accent said they are from Window's and were calling about my computer. I've had several calls from them but never talked to them before. Told them not to call me back again.
They've called here several times a day, after nothing else working to get them from calling here. I've resorted to faking a foreign language when answering phone. THe thick voice in the start on their end changes to american male voice saying "WTF" lol
2 years ago


Called me about errors in my windows system. I told them to give me a phone number to call back. They then got real pushy and I pushed back about a number. They got the hint and hung up on me.(How rude! Well, rude for the second, third or more)
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