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This Number is calling from Fort Lupton, Colorado

Who Called Me From 720-606-7059?


I recieved a call from this number this morning, when I answered there was a series of "bleep bleep..bleep" as if it were a rogue fax machine attempting to hook up. I did a little research and Ironically the telephone call came from a company at http://www.netprowa.com/ NETPROWA, a fullfillment center whom assist call centers and service bureaus (harrasing telephone call administrators) to filter their databases of numbers to people whom do not want their telephones to ring due to them calling. Also ironically they state they do not make bulk communications yet they became the reason for me to interrupt my morning to stop their call from filling ears with their bleep... bleep.... bleep.... du.... at what point has the fix become party to the problem ? I think from bleep one.


Received a Fax from Community Business Funding. They make quickie short term loans to business. No terms are listed. Another form of Junk Mail by Fax.
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