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This Number is a land line number calling from Rochester, Pennsylvania

Who Called Me From 724-371-8073?


Someone called trying to sell vehicle extended warranty. I asked for an email showing what the insurance company name is and what is included in the insurance policy. I was told they cannot tell me until I make a payment. Sounds like Nancy Pelosi, "You have to pass it to find what is in it".
They have called numerous times so I did a GPS search, found them and they will get a visit.
I even found the owners names, home addresses, inter alia.

5 years ago
how did you find them. Would like to find them.
5 years ago


someone that did not speak english was trying to sell me vehicle warranty also. just hung up to hard to understand


Could barely understand the woman's thick accent. She said she was from "the vehicle processing department". I asked "of what company?" She wouldn't answer my repeated question and instead grilled me about my car. Just hang up.


Calls every other day. Nonsense is said, can't understand the thick accent. Something about car insurance...


They call daily and when I see the number I do not answer.


This is a scam. Authorities have been notified.
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