Who is calling or texting from 732-706-8132?
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This Number is a land line number calling from Middletown, New Jersey

Who Called Me From 732-706-8132?


this is a scam number report it and hang up


Very rude person trying to “buy” something long distance. Watch out


Was thinking a scam. They want to buy something with a"bank certified check"and I just felt uneasy about it. Glad I checked and found you!!!! Thank you very much!!!


Same here. Guy wanted to buy something for $100 and sent us a certified check for $1, 400 one of the remainder sent back.
*wanted the remained sent back ... Scam!
1 year ago
Definitely a scam!
“I am Ok with the price and condition as described, please kindly withdraw the advert and i will offer extra $20 to get it off because i'm ready to make the purchase ASAP and i will be paying via a Bank Certified Check and will arrange for a local pick up as soon as you get the check and clears. So get back to me with your full name, address and item price.”

Unfortunately learned that is this what people will do from trying to sell something else. They will use that check and steal your identity when you deposite it.

1 year ago


Exact same scam on Facebook marketplace happened to me. Glad I checked. Seemed way too weird.


That is exactly what has started to happen with me. I listed and item for sale and he (the Scammer) wanted communication with me by SMS texting. Texted twice then deleted his contact name and number but later went to 5mile and found he was a scammer and found he is banned from 5mile.


Scammer sent me this message on 5miles app. Not even 10 minutes after I posted the item

Hey, how soon is this available for purchase, I am seriously interested in it ? please text me ASAP (732) 7068132


Just got a message on 5 mile from this number.. I thought it seemed rather suspicious...just got the extra $20 for taking the post down..blah blah blah....
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