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Who Called Me From 750-301-0950?


Plz find out whose is calling me

Deepan Rajan

Please find who is calling me from 7503010950. Said some case has filed against me .


i received a call from 7503010950, and he is saying that he is an inspector, using abusive language.


i also got call from same number, he is saying he is spector jhadav. and some case filed against me


I also got cal frm this numbr. He is saying he is an inspector frm delhi. And said Thr is a no bailable warrent on me. His name is yadav. And he askd me to call to Guptha who is lawer for my case.
Hi guys what do you think is he real Spector or kinda scam or some DSA AGENT and did you guys got a call back from them again
5 years ago


I also got a call from this number and said he is calling from NEW DELHI parliament house and he is PSI Rathor. he said some one from DADAR MUMBAI called me last night but i did not answer the call that is why he is following up with me.... I think a complaint should be filled against this.


I too got a call from the same phone number. Caller says he is inspector Y S Rathod. Says...Some warrant issued by advocate Gupta.
I assume this caller is from debt collection
agency.. or paid by the advocate to harress people.


I got the call from 7503010950 phone number.using abusive language and he is saying he is inspector.I think a complaint should be filled against this.


person calling from this number is a physco or a cheat. He calls various people and says he is inspector Yadav or Rathod.. and something inspector Jadhav......sometimes Mumbai police and sometimes Delhi police. its all a lie. He is paid to Threaten people.
The most wonderful thing is both Jadhav and Rathod work for Advocate Gupta.

Yes you guy;s are right, he also keeps calling me on my number and says I will take action against you and put you behind the bar's etc, but never does something, so it seems its a real scam, guys have any of you got any issues from this in real time, or just simply call's?
5 years ago


Its a total scam, I dont think they can do anything, let me know guys has any one taken any kind of action in front of you or onlykeeps you calling


yes he give me S.C. Gupta lawyers no. 7838646683
he told me the same thing he have non balaebel warrant i had done crime there is court notice he shouting somuch on call


File a case in police station. To pose as police is a criminal offence.
You guys must have been having foreign, gulf, debt.
If yes, dont worry, India is not gulf jurisdiction and neither follow their laws. Dont afraid to complain to police station as foreign debt cant be registered as criminal offence in India as long as the bank is not indian. Police will be on your side (Just make them happy...after all they will take away your worry :)


I also got call from same no pls advise me what is this will they take action or it just fake for harresment


Just. Tell me guys can he take any action. Or is it. Fake I also got call from this no and. Same thing. With me.


Similar threatening calls received from this number.
numbers were same as above
5 years ago
got a call from this ys rathore 9643428085 and 8860666587 (sub inspector parliment street) , who said there is a non bailable warrant and call sc gupta to find out more info. After reading all your post, I think this sounds more of an extortion for a credit card recovery
4 years ago
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