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This Number is a land line number calling from Belle Haven, Virginia

Who Called Me From 757-414-6355?


i got numbers of calls from this number... no voice msg left. I am on the national do not call list...


When I picked up, a hard to hear recorded message claimed the call was from Warner Communication. I have received about 10 calls since July 2013.


Two nights in a row so far..I wish it stops!


Like Nick, I've received numerous calls from this number. No message ever left. I, too, am on the National DO NOT CALL List.


Same here. I'm in Northern VA are you?


FYI: This is a 3rd party contractor "for Cox communications". I use quotes because they may or may not be authorized by Cox officially.

Recommendation: Do not ever answer numbers you do not recognize. If it is important or someone you know they will leave a message. If you DO answer these telemarketing type calls it is confirming to their database that your phone number is working for a possible sale. However if you don't answer, it will stop sooner.

this ones words have wisdom. heed the call i will.
5 years ago
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