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This Number is a land line number calling from Atlanta, Georgia

Who Called Me From 770-261-1413?




hello what you need and who you from

K. Dane

i ignored the call because i am far away from georgia and they left no voicemail. Called the number back and a man answered without stating his name and began asking me questions about whether or not i play on any bingo sites. i said no, and he continued to speed talk about how the call may have been about a promotion, and he could "check if i had an account" but he would need my e-mail address. When i declined to give up any info, he said he understood and thanks for my time.

Definitely sketchy, but the guy didn't ask for anything extremely sensitive as far as my personal info. However, his mention of looking for accounts, needing an e-mail address, and offering to aid with a deposit have me fairly convinced that this number is used for some type of shifty data collection or for general phone scamming. My advice is just steer clear and block the number.

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